My  first contact with ceramic was in 1980, 

 I worked in a traditional workshop during two years in  a  small town  near  Madrid,there I learnt  the wheel  secrets  .After that, I opened  my  own  studio and since them  I have dedicated all my working life to ceramic. In 1995 I received a design award in Valladolid,Spain.In 2011 I won the second price in a competition wheel in Graz ,Austria. Second price ,together with Raúl Pereda, in Preistäger topfermarket 2014 Gmunden .


I have investigated  on my own different technics such  as rakú ,lustres ,ash  glazes ,shino glazes ,engobes  terra sigilata…hight  and low temperature reduccion, carbonation, and so on. Lately I have made some exhibitions in Europe in private galleries, Lalanka  and Bgo 132 in Holland, Herbignanc in France .In February 2014 I have been invited  to participated in the 14th international Ceramic Symposium  in Egypt and the exhibition of the pieces in the Opera Hall in Cairo. 


my work

Since I started working ceramic ,nearly thirty years ago, I have try differents tecnics such us lustres, raku,carbonation,hight and low temperature and ,lately, I am trying with oak ash glazes from my own wood stove.I always try using materials close to my enviroment to make my glazes and slips.

my pieces are ,all of them ,unique, both the bowls and the sculptures because ,in my opinion, each person deserved a special ceramic piece,one piece made only for you .